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Welcome to Dragon Vision
Goddess Blessings!
 by Wind Dancer
I welcome you to my site, in which I strive to honor the Goddess and the God for their wondrous and integral part of my life. Over the years, I've written various essays and poems regarding various aspects of the Craft and my personal journeys through life. It is important to realize that these are my opinions and experiences, and you might not agree with everything or anything I say. You might have experiences that are contrary to what I have experienced. It's okay, truly it is. All I ask is that while you are here, you open yourself to the possibilities of what I say and try to appreciate the form of how I say it. The only absolute truth in my world is that there are no absolute truths, and I truly attempt to honor and respect all viewpoints and ways of being.
To quote a part of a Sioux Prayer:
"May beauty walk before me.
May beauty walk behind me."
Blessed Be, and May the Gods bless you on your journeys.
Please feel free to explore the following pages. As you can imagine, this site is constantly changing, so I invite you to check back periodically.  ;-)
All the written material on this site is copyrighted. Should you like what you see, and wish to use any of it, please feel free to e-mail me with a request. Normally, all I ask is proper credit and a link back to my site.
My View of being Gay and Pagan
Initiation and Entry into the Craft
A Prayer to the Mother Goddess.
An Invocation to the Horned God. 
A Maiden's Call To the Mother Goddess. 
Broomclosets and Other Small Spaces 
Bring on the Altar! Bring on the Goddess! Bring on the Healing! 
A Tribute to my Dog, Pearl 
A Solstice Wish 
Testify to Love 
Promise of Light 
Where Do I Get Spells 
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A Personal View on Paganism and the Craft of the Wise
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